Advent Book Collection

Are we talking about Advent already? I hate that… it’s not even Halloween yet, and the green and red is sneaking into stores!

BUT… the Story Lorry has a legitimate excuse. At least, I hope you’ll agree with me that it’s a legitimate excuse. The Advent Book Collection is like an Advent Calendar, but instead of flipping up little cardstock tabs to count down to Christmas, you get to open a gift-wrapped book! Each set has 25 gift-wrapped books, custom picked based on your specification of age and interest. Maybe it’s for your kid(s), maybe it’s for the whole family, maybe it’s for yourself!

In any case, the How Novel Story Lorry team needs TIME to order your custom collection and wrap all 25 books before Small Business Saturday, hence the early advertising. The earlier you order, the better!

See our ad below for more details, and contact us with orders or questions!

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