Origin Story

Reading and art (specifically painting) were always at the top of my list of favorite hobbies, but I never thought they’d become anything more than that: hobbies. I became a teacher and a mother, both jobs a joy, but reading and art remained bonus activities. Then, one winter’s day, I decided to pick up an leisurely read from the local library. I curled up under a blanket with Jenny Colgan’s The Bookshop on the Corner, and the idea-seed of being able to own a little shop was planted.

When my family moved to Butte, the stars aligned and this business started to come together. As we began stocking books on shelves, I noticed the bare walls and remembered a time that I was allowed to display some of my paintings in a coffee shop -how rare an opportunity and how special it felt to share my work with the public. I decided I wanted to provide that for artists here, too. Now we are a store that provides a mixture of new and used books, art, games, and space for our community to come together.

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