Origin Story

Reading and art (specifically painting) were always at the top of my list of favorite hobbies, but I never thought they’d become anything more than that: hobbies. I became a teacher and a mother, both jobs a joy, but reading and art remained bonus activities. Then, one winter’s day, I decided to pick up an leisurely read from the local library. I curled up under a blanket with Jenny Colgan’s The Bookshop on the Corner, and the idea-seed of being able to own a little shop was planted.

When my family moved to Butte, the stars aligned and my career metamorphosised from teacher to book entrepeneur. We opened our flagship store Uptown on Main Street in October 2020.

It was an exciting chapter. We learned that we enjoy participating in local events, bringing books to people who need them, and enjoying quality time with our kids. It then occured to me that I can do all these things -some of them even better- with a mobile bookstore! So in April 2022, we closed our Main Street location and launched the How Novel Story Lorry into our community.

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