50-cent Books!

I accept books as donations, which allows me to carry new and used books. Normally I charge 30% of the cover price for my used stock. Sometimes, however, the donations are by authors I’m not super familiar with, or older stories, or well worn, and I just can’t get excited about charging even 30%. I’ve been wishy-washy about what to do with these books, so they’ve been being stored in my back room. Then I feel bad about sheltering them back there when they could be a treasure to somebody! (Honestly, there actually might be a treasure… a book I consider simply obscure might actually be rare and I don’t realize it!) So today I decided to pull some out and simply charge 50-cents per book. Some sets I’ll even give you two for the price of one. I just want to give these babies a good home, so come in and adopt a couple next time you’re in the neighborhood!

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