Functional Christmas Art?

Some of you may remember that last year I illustrated and published a book of my mom’s Christmas poetry. This year I was going through my box of original illustrations, wondering what purpose they could serve besides sitting in said box for the rest of their days. Then it hit me… the Christmas illustrations couldContinue reading “Functional Christmas Art?”

You’re almost out of time to FALL in love…

… with a book from your local mobile bookstore. There’s only three stops left until the Story Lorry takes a break. We’ll be back for a few pop-up appearances in December, but otherwise, we’re going to pack it in until next May. Help us finish our first season with a flourish, and snag some booksContinue reading “You’re almost out of time to FALL in love…”

Advent Book Collection

Are we talking about Advent already? I hate that… it’s not even Halloween yet, and the green and red is sneaking into stores! BUT… the Story Lorry has a legitimate excuse. At least, I hope you’ll agree with me that it’s a legitimate excuse. The Advent Book Collection is like an Advent Calendar, but insteadContinue reading “Advent Book Collection”

Story Lorry’s September Scoop

As you can see from the calendar below, the Story Lorry’s schedule is starting to wind down as we ease out of summer. But that doesn’t mean we’re gone yet! Prep for the cooler months with a good snuggle-up-and-read book! We also had a thought… if there are any schools/classrooms out there in need ofContinue reading “Story Lorry’s September Scoop”