Children’s Book Fundraiser

An update: this February you’ve helped How Novel raise enough money to add these 17 new books to our collection to give away to kids this summer! But the fundraising isn’t over! Make sure to come into How Novel or go online to Donate to a Child’s Summer Reading, or bring in your gently-used children’sContinue reading “Children’s Book Fundraiser”

Impromptu Banned Book Club

We took January Banned Book Club off, because we were not having anyone participate the last couple months, but some customers just inspired me to go for another round this month! So… February 2022 Banned Book Club… read something written by an African American that has been banned, and bring it in to discuss/compare/recommend. IronicallyContinue reading “Impromptu Banned Book Club”

The Story Lorry has Shelves, and more!

Thanks to Stix & Stonz Flooring here in Butte, we got a carpet remnant for our kids corner, an elevated platform for kiddos to chill out and explore books -or work gloves, as demonstrated here by J. Most of our “tiling” is down, and is waiting for a warmer day to apply polyurethane. Marlow hasContinue reading “The Story Lorry has Shelves, and more!”