I forgot to post August’s Events!

Fortunately (if you didn’t know) you can see the How Novel Story Lorry’s schedule on this website by scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage. But I still like to write a special post about our monthly stops. I think I sent an email to our subscribed customers (p.s. contact us if you wantContinue reading “I forgot to post August’s Events!”

Italian, For Dummies

The Duolingo app is winning over many populations, but I – personally- find a good old fashioned, paper language book a super handy complement to a daily Duolingo session. The mentalđź’ˇclicks on as I scan pages detailing verb conjugation, “Ah- that’s why Duo wants me to translate ‘I eat’ that way,” and realize with horrorContinue reading “Italian, For Dummies”