Store Mask Policy

On March 24th, Butte is lifting its mask mandate. Because of this, I feel the need to make an announcement.  I feel a little awkward because it is not my personality to get squealy-excited about announcing personal news.  In fact, I normally just keep my parents updated on stuff and figure they’ll spread the word for me!  Today, though, I’m forced to do my own dirty work. 

Here it is: I’m pregnant.  That’s right… my rapidly expanding belly isn’t from overeating, although there was a month early on where I was probably eating a more than recommended amount of ramen.  In any case, because I feel like it is my maternal responsibility to protect this little girl, she now becomes pertinent to How Novel’s policies. In order to protect her, How Novel will still be requiring you to wear a mask in the store, and that will remain our policy until my doctor assures me that that my wee parasite isn’t threatened by exposure. I don’t want to exclude anyone in our community from getting books or art supplies, so I’ll have extra masks available if you get out of the habit of carrying your own. 

Thank you for your understanding, and I ask that you keep people like little no-name in mind before you toss out your face protection completely.  I too am excited for the day we can let our faces be free, but there are still very vulnerable demographics [nods to abdomen] that haven’t been vaccinated yet.  Thank you, and happy reading.

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