Books for Moms

Since Mothers’ Day is sneaking up on us (May 9th!), I’ve collected a bunch of books that have to do with moms and parenting! Check out our collection of mom-related reads, perhaps for gifts!

Belly Laughs is great for moms-to-be, letting her know that she’s not alone in all the weird, gross, scary things that happen during pregnancy, and that it’s okay to laugh about it!

Momior -A New Mom’s Journey to Embracing her not-so-perfect Motherhood would be good for new moms.

And of course we have cute “mom appreciation” books, like Hugs for Mom, if you want a book to express that you think Mom is special.

Our book special this month is Let Them Eat Dirt by PhDs Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta. Learn how “Microbes influence development throughout childhood, and how imbalances can lead to chronic conditions.” They describe, “What parents can do, from conception on, to positively affect their own behaviors and those of their children.”

How Novel got a special deal on this book, and we want to share the wealth -this month come in and get a 25% discount off this title!

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