Butte History Tag

Butte is celebrating local history on July 11th, and we’ve got books for that!

Here’s some books we have in the store that address (at least in part) Butte history specifically, but we also have a bunch of historical Montana books, too.

  • Baumler Spirit Tailings
  • Bratt’s My Home’s in Montana
  • D’Ambrosio Montana Murders
  • Devit Butte: The Town and the People
  • Everett Champagne in a Tin Cup
  • Everett Butte Trivia
  • Finn Mining Childhood
  • Glasscock The War of the Copper Kings
  • Kuglin Montana’s Dimple Knees Sex Scandle
  • Olberding Butte and the 1918 Influenza Pandemeic
  • Punke Fire and Brimstone

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