Art Club

How Novel is starting an Art Club! I mentioned it already in “August at How Novel,” so apologies for being repetitive -and redundant- but we’re excited enough to say it twice.

Need an excuse to work on your art? Bring your current project to How Novel and spend a couple hours socializing while you add to your masterpiece! No lessons, per se, but your fellow artists would be more than happy to share tips of the trade. How Novel has supplies for anyone who needs a starter kit. Make time for yourself and your creative expression from 3-5PM on the second Saturday of the month. (This upcoming Saturday is the second Saturday, BTW!)

I really hope you can come to this premier meeting. I want to make this club what you need it to be, so come help decide things like… is second Saturday from 3-5PM a good time? Do we want to hire a model to pose for us sometimes? Do we want to have optional themes/prompts/challenges for each month? Are refreshments appropriate for our gatherings? I want your input!

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