Why doesn’t How Novel do Black Friday?

As weird as it is for a store that depends on consumerism to say so, sometimes consumerism goes too far. There’s nothing wrong with giving a gift out of love, and even saving some money in the process, but Black Friday has turned that heartfelt gift giver into a greedy consumer with dollar signs flashing in their eyes. It has turned the meaningful holiday tradition of gift-giving into “with all these savings, how many can I get and how big can I go!?!”

We at How Novel want to make books and art affordable, and we want to be a local resource for the lit lovers and artists in your life, but not on a day that encourages greed. Even before How Novel came to be, our family called the Friday after Thanksgiving “Buy Nothing Day,” and continue to choose to spend the day with our friends and family, eating leftovers, playing games, and focusing on the things money can’t buy.

Here’s wishing you happiness with your Turkey-Day traditions, and we’ll see you on Saturday!

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