How Novel is GOING MOBILE this spring!?

What has How Novel learned in 2021? We’ve learned that, yes, people want books, but mostly after they’ve done some shopping at Farmer’s Market or Uptown’s Christmas Stroll.  We have yet to hear a patron say, “Ewe, gross, a bookstore,” –but most want their books at particular times and in particular places… which are better facilitated through a mobile store.

As I’ve started working through the logistics of this transition, I’ve had a lot of people furrow their brow and ask, “What do you mean by ‘mobile bookstore’?”  Imagine, if you will, an ice cream truck, but instead of selling ice cream, we’ll be selling books. 

Starting this spring, the “How Novel Story Lorry” will accommodate venues like farmers market and the Christmas Stroll.  Plus, as a mobile bookstore, we’d be able to go to other places: other markets, festivals, around town during summer vacation to get kids some extra summer reading, and assisted living communities where getting uptown to shop might be an issue. 

And, to our regular customers we say, “Fear not!  We won’t be hard to find -follow us on Facebook, Instagram, our website, or sign up for emails for location updates.  We’ll still do special orders, and in many cases –being a mobile bookstore- we would be able to deliver your next read straight to you!!!” 

Art Club and Book Clubs will still happen… but maybe at a coffee shop or at a park on a beautiful spring day. 

Gift Cards can be redeemed at our current Main Street location while we get the mobile bookstore up and running, and if you procrastinate in visiting us, you can use your Gift Cards in the Story Lorry!

Our hope is that people won’t look at this change as though they are losing How Novel, because you are not. Our hope is that people will see this as a new, exciting way to find your next read in new, exciting places.   How Novel will remain a local, family-run business, distilled to its essence. The How Novel Story Lorry will continue to treat The Richest Hill on Earth and surrounding areas with quality reads when you need us. We are eager to embark on this new chapter of How Novel’s journey. See you on the road.

If you have questions, or if you are interested in having a bookstore visit your location/venue, send us a message!

Stay tuned to, Facebook, and Instagram for pictures and updates on the Story Lorry’s transformation!

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