The Story Lorry has Shelves, and more!

Thanks to Stix & Stonz Flooring here in Butte, we got a carpet remnant for our kids corner, an elevated platform for kiddos to chill out and explore books -or work gloves, as demonstrated here by J.

Most of our “tiling” is down, and is waiting for a warmer day to apply polyurethane. Marlow has installed the benches and three sets of shelves.

I can feel myself itching to put books on those shelves, so in my downtime here at 21 N Main, I’m creating my Story Lorry inventory lists, curating what will go on each shelf.

Which reminds me, I should mention that starting today (February 1st) our 21 N Main location is starting its “Going Mobile” sale… 40% off books and art supplies, 10% off artwork… help us pare down our inventory to fit into the Story Lorry so that we can send her off by the end of March!

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