March Updates – Dollar Days!

Exciting happenings at How Novel this March!

We got books in the Story Lorrie! Which means we’re going to be rolling in April! (We just need to repaint the exterior, which will have to happen on a day that is 50-degrees all day so the paint can set… that can happen in Butte in March, right?)

The downside to this news: some of our inventory is unavailable for you browsers until April -unless you give me a heads up and I can snag it for you ahead of time.

The upside to this news: starting March 8th, it’s Dollar Days at How Novel! I don’t want to store our extra books, so come in and get some reading material for just a dollar! (Haggle with me, or suggest a “brown bag” deal where you fill a bag for $5… I REALLY don’t want to store my extra books!)

Also, don’t for get to join us at Oro Fino for Book Club on March 26th. Read any book by a female author to celebrate Women’s History Month, and tell us what you think! I encourage reading a Banned Book, just because, but I’ll accept any female author. 9AM at Oro Fino!

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