21 N Main Location Closed

It’s official: books are moved, shelves are dis-assembled, floors are swept and mopped, and the door is locked at 21 N Main.

What now? Well, with not having to be at the brick-and-mortar location everyday, I will actually be able to work on the Story Lorry’s exterior! As soon as April gives us a 60-degree day, leaks can be repaired and How Novel Story Lorry art will begin to be applied. Look for posts announcing our first stops as a mobile book store by month’s end!

The title of this post might read as sad. Closed has such a depressing connotation of dark finality. We liked our time at 21 N Main -we love Uptown Butte and our neighbors were the best- but leaving doesn’t feel sad for us. The How Novel family went out to a celebratory dinner after we locked that door for the last time, because it means we can officially devote our time and energies to this new adventure, and we are so excited to share it with you!

Cheers -to the next chapter!

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