Writing Challenge

We are supporting Butte artist Abigail Larson during July 1st’s Art Walk this summer, but I’d also like to feature writers.  I believe art comes in all forms, not just sculptures or what you hang on a wall.  The written word is a beautiful, creative expression that often gets overlooked at events like these. 

Therefore, I would like to challenge you writers out there to write a short story or poem inspired by one of Abigail’s illustrations, to be displayed together during this event.  The story must be able to fit on a 5×7 inch card, approximately 200 words. 

Feel free to forward this challenge to any writers you know, of all ages.  If you are interested, choose one of her images from below for inspiration, and e-mail entries to hownovelbooksandart@gmail.com.

Prints will be available for purchase in the How Novel Story Lorry on July 1st, parked Uptown Butte in the KBMF parking lot (across the street from the courthouse).

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