No Baggage

I had a thought… I should be naming my posts after books in the Story Lorry.  Like my last post… “Sick Story Lorry?!?”… should have been…

The Plague by Camus…

Or I could write about why the Story Lorry is getting a make-over in a new camper with a post entitled…

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Snickett

So, for this post, I’ll feature this book…

No Baggage by Bensen

It’s a true story about how a gal and her boyfriend travel across Europe with nothing but the clothes on their back, and what fits in pockets (him) or purse (her).  I bring this title up because it’s what motivated the way my family is vacationing this month!  Italy, with no baggage. 

Ah… the inspirational power of a book!

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