50% Off Original Art

The Story Lorry doesn’t have space for art like I had in the brick-and-mortar How Novel, but I still have the paintings, so I created a Digital Art Gallery! Click on this link, or (for future ease) use the link on our homepage to access it!

Type ORIGINALART into the coupon code during checkout to receive a 50% discount on Original Art, good now through December 24th.

Why a discount? Firstly, I’d like to find these artbabies a home, and maybe making them temporarily more affordable will help. Secondly, I want to get the word out that we have a new Digital Art Gallery, and a sale might motivate people to explore it. Lastly, I’ve never done a digital coupon, and I want to see if it works. Let me know if it doesn’t so I can work out any kinks!

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