Sticker Speculations

I’ve been wanting to design stickers for the Story Lorry and finally made some images.

(Here’s a watercolor version of a doodle I made on a restaraunt’s paper tablecloth.)

Now I’m wondering…

  • Where do I get them made? Is it better to go online, or find a local place… maybe a place that I can see concrete samples of end product before ordering hundreds?
  • Do I give them away as marketing, or sell them? Maybe both… sell if you want just a sticker, and give away if you buy a book?
  • (The annoying inner critic) Are they any good? Would people even want one? I consider myself an artist, but maybe these aren’t graphic-designer-ish enough to be a sticker?
(A watercolor version of one of the stories I painted on the side of the Story Lorry.)

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