Italian, For Dummies

The Duolingo app is winning over many populations, but I – personally- find a good old fashioned, paper language book a super handy complement to a daily Duolingo session. The mentalūüí°clicks on as I scan pages detailing verb conjugation, “Ah- that’s why Duo wants me to translate ‘I eat’ that way,” and realize with horrorContinue reading “Italian, For Dummies”

Writing Challenge

We are supporting Butte artist Abigail Larson during July 1st’s Art Walk this summer, but I’d also like to feature writers.¬†¬†I believe art comes in all forms, not just sculptures or what you hang on a wall.¬†¬†The written word is a beautiful, creative expression that often gets overlooked at events like these.¬† Therefore, I wouldContinue reading “Writing Challenge”

Free Sample of Sammie’s Strawberry

I’ve started reading “free samples” of books written by Montana authors on KBMF 102.5 FM -aired Mondays between 5PM and 6PM, during their News Hour. If you missed it, listen here!¬† And remember, if you like what you hear, you can get a full length copy of the book at the How Novel Story Lorry!Continue reading “Free Sample of Sammie’s Strawberry”