Do you want to contribute to a child’s summer reading?

We want ALL kids to have new a book this summer! When How Novel goes mobile, we want all the kids we encounter during the summer to be able to have a book, on us! I know it feels a little early to be thinking about summer… we are in our coldest, snowiest months hereContinue reading “Do you want to contribute to a child’s summer reading?”

How Novel is GOING MOBILE this spring!?

What has How Novel learned in 2021? We’ve learned that, yes, people want books, but mostly after they’ve done some shopping at Farmer’s Market or Uptown’s Christmas Stroll.  We have yet to hear a patron say, “Ewe, gross, a bookstore,” –but most want their books at particular times and in particular places… which are betterContinue reading “How Novel is GOING MOBILE this spring!?”

Waiting for Art Club…

“I’d better get this board primed for Art Club this Saturday.” Good idea.  Getting materials prepped is important. “Well, since it’s primed now, I might as well sketch my idea.  Then at Art Club I can just worry about painting.” I guess that makes sense. “Hmmm… It’d be nice to get a base coat ofContinue reading “Waiting for Art Club…”

How Novel’s Second December

J. Clause here to tell you about December goings-on at How Novel! We will participate in the Christmas Stroll (Dec 3rd, 5-8PM) and all the other uptown holiday shopping events! Why wouldn’t we?  Maybe I’ll have to go home early because it’s past my bedtime, but Papa said he’ll be happy to help hand outContinue reading “How Novel’s Second December”

2 days before Small Business Saturday, How Novel had for me…

…two Star Wars socks. Pair this pair with three Star Wars chapter books -a $19.95 value- for $15! Also keep an eye out for our Don’t Panic socks, Pride and Prejudice socks, Stephen King socks, and more! Quantities limited –contact How Novel to reserve your tootsie coverings!