Baseball Books

My husband informs me that baseball fans are actively cheering for their respective teams, even though baseball season hasn’t started? There’s some sort of pre-season? [Gasps of horror as certain family members wonder how it is we are related after I so publicly reveal my baseball ignorance.] So… maybe it would be appropriate to putContinue reading “Baseball Books”

Mystery/Thriller Collections

I re-arranged the store, and my till now faces the Mystery/Thriller section. It is our most well-stocked genre, thanks to generous donations over the last couple months. I was noticing a couple authors in particular that take up a decent chunk of space on the shelves, and thought, “I should highlight these authors in myContinue reading “Mystery/Thriller Collections”

Friendly February Reminders

For the shortest month in the year, How Novel’s calendar has never been so full! Firstly, remember that the due date for submitting art for Youth Art Month is on February 13th! (My initial announcement said February 14th, but that’s a Sunday so we’re closed. If you were depending on having that extra day, letContinue reading “Friendly February Reminders”