How Novel in Social Media!?

I finally broke down and opened an Instagram account for How Novel.

I told myself when we opened the store that people could find us on our website or Facebook, since that’s what I do when I look for business info, but after chatting with friends over the weekend, I decided that wasn’t fair to those of you who use other social media. How can I claim to be inclusive, yet ostracize all you grammies from How Novel’s goings-on?

I’ve learned a lot. Did you know hashtags are filing system? I can reference all my Banned Book Club posts if I tag them #bannedbookclub. (“Tag” is a verb you can use with hashtags, bee-tea-dubs. It’s not just for t-shirts and vandals anymore!) And I can sneak my files into your cabinet if I tag them correctly- watch out all you #shoplocal folders! Thank you #krookedburger for the lesson.

In short, follow us on this platform if it’s more convenient for you. You could be our first follower!

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