How Novel’s Second December

J. Clause here to tell you about December goings-on at How Novel!

We will participate in the Christmas Stroll (Dec 3rd, 5-8PM) and all the other uptown holiday shopping events! Why wouldn’t we?  Maybe I’ll have to go home early because it’s past my bedtime, but Papa said he’ll be happy to help hand out books those days.

Make sure to get a 12 Days of Christmas Bundle while supplies last!

On December 11th, 3-5PM, we’ll have Art Club.  This month Mommy will be painting a parody, and maybe she’ll let me get one of her paintbrushes nice and slobbery.  What will you bring to the table?

December 21st, 5-6:30PM, we’ll have a White Elephant Book Exchange.  Bring a book… one you’ve loved and want to share!  Mommy is hoping to see some mushy holiday romances, Papa likes things that are neither holiday nor romance, but I’m excited to see some Christmas classics.  Exchange, discuss, maybe steal, and leave with a new-to-you book for your winter reading!

How Novel will be CLOSED December 25th – January 3rd for my very first family Christmas vacation, but stay tuned when we return –Mom says she has a super special surprise New Year’s announcement!

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