Waiting for Art Club…

“I’d better get this board primed for Art Club this Saturday.”

Good idea.  Getting materials prepped is important.

“Well, since it’s primed now, I might as well sketch my idea.  Then at Art Club I can just worry about painting.”

I guess that makes sense.

“Hmmm… It’d be nice to get a base coat of paint on… block out the sections with colors.”

NO!   You got enough done.  Just wait until Saturday.

“But, I can do the detail work on Saturday.”

No.  You already got more done than you expected.  Just be patient.



“But, it’s Poker Run on Saturday.  What if the store is too busy for me to paint?”

Then you’ll just have to paint between customers.

“Just a couple colors?  Please?”

Sigh.  Fine.

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